Tofu Fries 5
Served with peanut sauce

Roti 6
An Indian-style bread served with Thai yellow curry sauce

Thai Corn Cakes 9
Corn fritters flavored with Thai curry past, served with sweet chili sauce and ground nuts

Pot Stickers  8

Pan fried dumplings with chicken and vegetables, served with spicy soy-sauce

Fresh Tofu Rolls 9
Mixed vegetables , avocado, tofu and rice noodles wrapped in fresh rice paper, served with homemade peanuts sauce

Fresh Shrimp Rolls  10

Same delicious package as fresh tofu rolls but with added shrimp

Spring Rolls ( vegetarian) 7
Mixed vegetables wrapped in a crispy roll served with tangy sauce

Prawns Rolls 8

Deep-fried marinated prawns wrapped in egg roll skin

Chicken Satay 8
Classic Thai skewers, served with homemade peanut sauce

Crispy Calamari 10
Fried squid with seasoned batter. Served with tangy sauce

Crispy Wings 9
Deep-fried chicken wings tossed in tangy sauce topped with crispy basil

Angel Wings 11
Deep-fried chicken wings stuffed with minced chicken, silver noodles,
mixed vegetables