Small rice, Flat rice, Vermicelli, Egg noodles or Silver Noodles
Famous Thai Boat Noodles 9
Combination of slice beef, beef balls, spinach, and bean spouts in beef broth
Chicken Noodles soup 9
Sliced chicken, bean sprouts and  bok choy in clear broth
Spicy Pork Noodles soup 9
Minced pork, slice pork, fish balls, fish cake, bean spouts and crushed peanuts
Won ton & BBQ Pork Noodles soup 10
Minced pork won ton, BBQ pork and bok choy in clear broth
Duck Noodles soup 11
Roasted Duck , bok choy ,and bean spouts in Chinese herbs broth
Khao Sawy 11
One of Chiang Mais’ well known dishes. Boiled egg noodles, chicken,
tofu and crispy noodles in red curry sauce
Soft Tofu Noodles soup 9
Simple, light soft tofu with  mixed vegetables in clear broth