Chicken, Pork, Beef, or Tofu 12 / Prawns or Calamari 14 / Seafood 16

Thai Basil
Thai style ground meat with sweet basil. Thai sweet basil  has the distinct  and characteristic flavor that is so strongly associated with Thai cuisine

Spicy Eggplant
Eggplant and  bell paper sauteed’ with spicy garlic and basil

Spicy String Beans
String Beans, bell paper, and kaffir-limes with Thai curry pasts

Fresh Ginger
Fresh ginger, mushroom, baby corns and bell pepper

Cashew nuts Lover ( battered Chicken )
Deep-fried battered chicken tossed with cashew nuts, mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper, fresh onions, and roasted chili with sweet chili sauce

Garlic & Pepper
Fresh garlic, cilantro, onions and baby corns seasoned with pepper and come with a side of broccoli

Vegetable Deluxe
Seasonal wok tossed vegetable mixture with Thai seasoning

Mango Chicken
Deep-fried battered chicken tossed with fresh mango, bell pepper, carrots, baby corns and sprinkled with green onions

Roasted Duck 14
Boneless roasted duck on a bed of spinach and bok choy