Chicken, Pork, Beef, or Tofu 12 /Prawns,or Fish 14 / Seafood 16/  Salmon 16

Aromatic Thai Yellow Curry
Sweet potato, carrot and onion

Thai Red Curry
Bamboo shoots, pine apple, baby corn, bell paper, basil

Thai Green Curry
Eggplant, green beans, bell paper, basil

Pa- Ram
Steamed bed of mixed vegetables topped with peanut sauce

Pumpkin Red Curry – our favorite!!!

Duck Curry in Red Curry 14

Massaman Chicken
This curry has many characteristics of Southern Thai cooking. The sweet
flavours and spice dominate, even though the curry is moderately hot.
It also has a sour taste from tamarind. Potato, carrot, peanuts, fried-onion

Pa-nang curry is a dry, rich, thick which has red chillies, lemon grass and
galangal root.